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Airbag recall Australia – is your car affected?

By admin

With over 100 million vehicles affected worldwide, the Takata airbag defect has prompted the world’s largest ever automotive recall. The defective airbags are known to cause serious injury and may even be fatal in the event of a collision. So with over 300,000 known airbags yet to be replaced in Australia, have you checked if your car airbags are safe?

What’s the issue?

An ACCC investigation into the safety of certain types of airbags manufactured by the Takata Corporation concluded that a design defect warranted a compulsory product recall. The defect relates to the degradation of the propellent used in the airbag when exposed to high temperatures, humidity and other aspects of ageing. If a degraded airbag deploys in the event of a collision, it may do so with too much explosive force, resulting in fragments of metal being released at speed into the vehicle. To date, this defect has been associated with 29 deaths and over 320 serious injuries worldwide; with one death and one serious injury in Australia.

Airbag recall check: how do I know if my airbags are subject to the recall?

Fortunately, Product Safety Australia and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has made the process for determining if your vehicle is subject to an active recall easy. 

If you receive direct communication from your vehicle manufacturer, follow the instructions provided or notify them if you have since on-sold your car. If you are still unsure of the next steps required, contact your vehicle manufacturer directly. Each manufacturer has a dedicated phone number and online resources for the recall.

What should I do if my vehicle is recalled?

If you discover that your vehicle is subject to an active recall, contact your manufacturer immediately. They will provide you with advice regarding immediate replacement, which will occur free of charge. If your vehicle is subject to a critical recall, your manufacturer may make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to the place of replacement so that you do not have to drive your vehicle. For more information, visit the Product Safety Australia website.

Your safety is our priority

If you’ve got any questions about vehicle safety, we’re here to help. We carefully check and maintain your vehicle’s safety features as part of your car’s regular servicing and maintenance program, so if you have any concerns, ​let us know​ and we’ll take care of you and your car. Don’t stop when your car does! Keep working with our complimentary coffee and WiFi, or book one of our complimentary loan vehicles.


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