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Car Tips

How to jump start a car

By admin

It’s an underrated automotive survival skill that you might not have thought about since learning the basics at drivers education. So what is your roadside assist technician doing under your bonnet when you call with a flat battery, and do you have the know-how to safely jump start a car yourself? 

A word of caution

Jump starting a vehicle is not without risk. Dealing with batteries and electrical components carries an inherent risk of electric shock, and using incorrect equipment or methods can cause expensive damage to vital electric components of your vehicle. If you’re stuck with a flat battery and need to get to us for a replacement, we recommend you call a reputable roadside assistance service to jump start your vehicle for you. It’s always safer to leave a jump start to an expert!

Help, my car won’t start!

So you’re ready for work; lunch packed, seatbelt on and…your car won’t start. It’s not a great feeling, but we’ve got a few handy tips to help you work out what might be wrong. If you hear nothing at all when you turn the ignition, chances are you’ve got a flat battery on your hands. Now is the time to call roadside assist, who are best placed to jump start your car quickly and safely so you can get your vehicle to us for a replacement battery. But what is the technician doing when they jump start your car, or what happens if roadside assist isn’t an option for you?

What is a jump start?

A jump start is a method of starting a vehicle with a discharged or flat battery by using a temporary ‘boost’ from another vehicle’s battery or an specialised external power source. To jump start a car with leads, you will need:

Jump starting a car with leads

Before attempting to jump start a car with leads, always check your owner’s manual for advice. Some vehicles are not suitable for jump starting, and others may have special requirements. Electric vehicles and vehicles with complex electrical control units may not be suited to standard jump start methods. Never attempt to jump start a vehicle with a corroded, leaking or visibly damaged battery.


Your car can also be jump started with a specialised jump starter kit. You won’t be able to jump start with a battery charger, however it can replenish a fully dead battery within 24 hours. We recommend referring to your owner’s manual and the instructions on your equipment before operating. 

Caring for your battery

So now you know how to jump start a car, what can you do to avoid needing to do it?! We regularly check battery health as part of your car’s regular servicing and maintenance program, so if you find yourself calling roadside assist to jump start your car, ​let us know​ and we’ll take care of you and your car. Our specialist technicians make sure both you and your car receive a premium service experience so that you can relax and focus on the things that matter most.


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