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Stay safe and indoors with our free contactless Pick Up & Drop Off service. In an effort to curb the potential risks of COVID-19, Cox Auto can collect and return your car in Melbourne.

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European Car Specialists

We specialise in prestige European cars. We provide the same service as any dealership and won’t void your warranty.

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Roadworthy Certificates

A certificate of roadworthiness is required when a vehicle is sold, if a used vehicle is to be registered or, in some cases to clear a vehicle defect. It can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester.

Brand new vehicles and some vehicles that were not designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods on a highway and considered to be a specially constructed vehicle are exempt from requiring a certificate.

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Are you buying a new car? Trust the experts at Cox Auto to give you an independent, honest and unbiased opinion. Located in the heart of South Melbourne, our pre-purchase car inspections provide you with complete confidence for buying your new car.

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Brake Repairs

Our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary repairs or service items.  This ensures the best possible car performance and safety.  We use only the most trusted brands, such as Bendix for parts and all our work is guarantee for 12 months or 20,000km.

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A log book service is a service performed every 10,000kms or 12 months, whichever comes first. The service is designed to examine your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended. All safety checks, measures and replacements.

Service items are carried out in exact accordance with how the manufacturer intended. Different manufacturers require different services to be carried out with every 10,000km.

Brake Testing



Tyres/Wheel Alignments
& Balancing

Brakes & Shock Absorbers | Electronic Diagnosis | Engine Degrease & Analysis | Exhaust Systems | Filtration Systems | Fuel Injection Servicing | Transmission Repairs | Vehicle Detailing

Specialised diagnostics &
service equipment

We only use the latest in diagnostic equipment and parts.

Brake Fluid

We use the latest technology in brake fluid flushing of the complete braking hydraulic system, including the ABS controller pump.

Air Conditioning

We use the Robin Air AC650 Pro — one of Europe’s most popular air conditioning service units. It allows us to provide accurate air conditioning recovery, recycling and recharging.

It also provides refrigerant and oil specifications for individual vehicles and guarantees a rapid and full dehydration of the air conditioning system.

Diagnostic Scan

Designed to read data from the onboard diagnostic system. Every make and model has its own onboard software. The software allows the vehicle to operate and perform functions, from starting the engine to turning the lights on when it gets dark. A diagnostic scan machine can signify many problems automatically.

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