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Put your brakes in the hands of specialists.

Whether you’re in need of a brake pad replacement, or your brakes need to be repaired, we’re ready to help.

As an official A.T.E Brake Centre we can now offer customers high-quality, dustless ceramic brakes along with a 50,000km wear warranty. Our specialist technicians provide the highest quality workmanship and customer service, for all your brake servicing needs.

For local brake pad servicing, repairs and replacement in Melbourne, you can’t go past Cox Auto, book a service today.

Brake Servicing Melbourne

The importance of regular brake servicing cannot be understated. Regular brake servicing helps to keep your brakes in good condition, delaying or preventing altogether the onset of any issues that could lead to costly damage.

Brakes are part of your car’s hydraulic system. They allow you to slow down or stop the car using pressure and friction. As you step on the brake pedal, fluid in the brake system builds up pressure against the brake pads. These pads then grab onto the metal rotors in the wheel assemblies, effectively slowing or stopping the car. The emergency brake system usually applies the brakes to the rear wheels mechanically or electronically when you activate the hand brake or foot brake.

As leading technicians who specialise in prestige European car servicing and repairs, Cox Auto’s commitment to providing a premium service like you’ve never experienced before extends to brake servicing.

Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car’s braking system components and can advise you on any necessary repairs or service items, ensuring the best possible car performance and safety. We only use the most trusted brands, such as Bendix, for parts and all our work is backed by a 12-month or 20,000km guarantee. We also test and repair shock absorbers, in addition to carrying out brake fluid flushing of the entire braking hydraulic system, including the ABS controller pump.

Brake Pad Replacements & Repairs Melbourne

We recommend you book an appointment with our brake specialists in Melbourne as soon as you notice any warning signs that your brakes might need repair or replacement. Some will be obvious, while others not so much. Using the latest in diagnostic technology, our team will assess the condition of your brakes and provide you honest, reliable advice on the best course of action.

Signs your car’s brakes may need a check-up and repair include:

A spongy brake pedal
A grinding sound when you press the brake pedal
Squealing brakes
The car pulls to one side when you brake
The brake warning light on your dashboard is on
The brake pedal is hard to press

Should any of these issues arise, speak with a member of the Cox Auto team for peace of mind.


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